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Fighting Greenwashing  is a fully integrated educational, community, networking & careers platform which is protected from greenwashing, based on careful market research reflecting the core values of those passionate to make a real difference and rewriting the climate narrative to turn helplessness into ambition. 


To earn £5, Pick a company on this form that hasn't been written about (scroll to bottom). Fill in your contact details and name. Write a 200-275 word article about the company on a Google doc in this folder, labeling it with [Company name, your full name, date]. Email your banking details to with the subject "Done. [chosen company]." - you will be paid within 24 hours. 

Include in your article:

  • The issue the company is solving 

  • An overview of the company's work

  • How it addresses the issue (including product/tech details)

  • Two statistics or key points on the positive environmental impact

  • The article must be based on information from the company's website due to copyright. 

Note: your article will be used for commercial purposes, and may be altered slightly by our team before uploading. 


Example articles

⚠️ Using an AI (ChatGPT) or plagiarising will result in Ban and DENIED PAY 


Write as many articles as you like, each time receiving £5 🤑.


Failure to meet standards 

This will occur if your writing is unusable on our website due to:

  • False information

  • The use of AI writing software such as chatGPT. This will provide false information, and make it hard to find the page on google. Use of this will result in ban from other articles.

  • Very poorly written

  • Copy-pasted text from another website (plagiarism)

These will result in denied pay. 


Finally, post a picture of your article to your story to spread our message!

Your article will be uploaded to, with your name displayed as the author. 


A big thank you to you for your invaluable contributions to scaling our website, and empowering students to tackle the climate crisis! Your efforts are making a real difference in shaping a more sustainable future.

Questions? Email

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