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I tested the "LinkedIn" method in the "Companies" engage section to land a super interesting chat with Oliver Bolton, who founded Earthly! I hope to meet him in person next time. He shared some interesting ideas on climate change solutions and was super friendly. He also gave me great career advice and some connections that could lead to work experience 👀 You guys should try it!

Scott Brindle

I spent a summer working at Subcon in Australia. Subcon is constructing artificial reefs around the world. Super cool experience.

The reefs prevent coastal erosion while supporting wildlife.

I learned about their plans to construct them around offshore wind turbines, to promote marine biodiversity. If you're interested, I wrote this article on their reefs while working there; Article

Also, peep the sunset view I had each day after leaving the office 😍

Sep 13, 2023

Sounds incredible! What an experience👏


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