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Focused on the use of enzymes in the circular economy, Carbios aim to rethink the end of life of plastics, with the goal of making them compostable or infinitely recyclable.

Carbios created C-ZYME™, the Worlds-first enzyme-based process enabling infinite recycling of PET plastics and fibres.

Why is it needed?

Current thermomechanical recycling processes are in place with limitations:

Only clear plastic an be recycled in closed loops, with a loss of quality in each cycle. This makes it very hard to produce products from 100% recycled PET. Thus,

Complex and soiled plastics are often impossible to recycle.

Unlike conventional processes, this innovation allows infinite recycling of all types of PET waste as well as the production of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable PET products, without loss of quality.

Their Enzymatic recycling process uses an enzyme capable of specifically depolymerizing the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) contained in various plastics.

The science:

"The monomers resulting from the depolymerization process are purified in order to be re-polymerized into a PET of a quality equivalent to the virgin PET obtained from the petrochemical industry. The unique process that we are developing allows infinite recycling of these materials, whether clear, opaque, complex or of textile origin (polyesters), to produce new materials." - Carbios website

Compostable plastic:

Implemented in the form of an enzyme-based additive known as Evanesto®, this product enables individuals to easily integrate a higher level of recyclability into conventional plastic manufacturing.

This additive ensures compostability of packaging with a high PLA content even under domestic conditions.

Copyright / source: Carbios


Products can be made from 100% recycled PET

Closed loop plastic recycling

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