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A software which makes packaging circular by design using powerful AI modelling.

Digimind is a platform which uses a powerful AI to help manufacturers design and create products with circular lifecycles and increase design efficiency to avoid over-engineering and unnecessary resource use. The platforms multifunctional interface provides data on the environmental impacts on products, provides recommendations on how to improve product durability to increase reuse potential, gives advice on which materials to use and highlights flaws in design.

This is all in order to maximise sustainability and create smart designs which can be integrated into a circular economy.

Their multiphysics simulation focuses on designing for sortability and choosing highly recyclable materials that maximise recyclability of products. The AI powered tool focuses on multiple materials including wood, paper, glass, metal and plastics.

The platform enables users by:

  • Real-time enabled analysis and simulation cutting the packaging time to market by half.

  • Consistently reducing the weight of packaging and emissions by 10% to 20%.

  • Maximising the usage of recycled plastic and other materials in packaging from 5% today to 100% in 10 years

Users simply import their designs and receive:

  • highlights of flaws

  • a generated optimised model

  • instant quotation to produce packaging

  • A measure environmental impact

Digimind assist customers in every step of a products creation. Conceptualisation, design, engineering, virtual testing and production.

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Powerful AI modelling to optimise material use, reduce emissions and increase recyclability

AI calculated environmental impact assessment

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They offer a range of internships in product management, life cycle assessment and industrial design for sustainable packaging


Berlin, Germany



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