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This technology recycling scheme aims to reduce E waste and promote the circular economy

This technology recycling scheme aims to reduce E-waste and promote the circular economy and the reuse of materials in portable phones.

These ATM’s give you cash in return for your old phone! The incentive is immediate, simple and fast making it accessible and a good deal to anyone who has an old phone they are no longer using.

After the ATM collects the phone, the company makes sure they are either reused or recycled.

Using ecoATM helps reduce the number of phones ending up in landfill, and the need to mine for these raw materials.The vast majority of phones they collect go on to be reused. The rest go to certified recyclers and wholesalers to ensure parts are responsibly reclaimed and reused.

Phone recycling schemes are often not accessible to many people, this provides a simple solution.

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Promotes reuse of materials / recycling of E-waste

Simple phone recycling scheme

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