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A smartphone designed for high recyclability, long shelf life & simple repairs. A strong phone recycling scheme.

Fairphone is a smartphone designed with fair work practices and recycling in mind. To combat the growing waste caused by discarded electronic goods, Fairphone created a long-lasting smartphone that can be easily repaired.

Rather than replacing the entire phone if part of it breaks, Fairphone allows you to simply replace the broken module. Everything from the battery to the audio jack can be replaced, meaning fewer phones will end up in landfills.

From responsible material sourcing to advocating for workers’ welfare, the company shares all of their data freely and aims to set new standards for the entire industry.

Rated highly by ecovadis (top 1%), certified by B-Corp and Fairtrade Gold Integrated, you can be sure they are certified in their sustainability efforts.

Fairphone recycling Scheme

In 2020, they recycled 17,000 phones.

How does their scheme work?

First a free quote is given to asses the worth of the phone you are giving back.

They then take back the phone, and in return provide users with gift cards to get credit off of their next purchase. The materials are then recycled and reused.

This video demonstrates how they recycle the phones, vs other companies.

A repair such as a new screen or battery is often sufficient to bring a new life to a phone. 40% of phones sent back are repaired and sold.

60% of phones given back are not in a condition to be sold again, and therefore are recycled in a European recycling facility.

Check out their blog!

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Long life & simple repair

In 2020, they recycled 17,000 phones.

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Fairphone are frequently looking for new interns and often have job postings.

If there are none, we strongly advice you to reach out to the company and show your interest. At a minimum, you will gain a new connection!


Amsterdam, Holland


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