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This company upcycles wind turbines, and uses their components to produce noise barriers

Wind turbines are notoriously difficult to recycle and deal with. Briefly scanning the internet reveals many articles referencing hundreds of turbines piling up in landfills claiming they are not recyclable.

Wind turbines in landfill ^

MILJØSKÆRM, a Danish company, has made a process by which old wind turbines can be upcycled into noise barriers.

Noise barriers are structures designed to protect areas from noise pollution. The Danish company notes that fibreglass, the key component in wind turbines, is hard to recycle but has excellent properties for use in new materials.

MILJØSKÆRM also offer consultancy & advice to other companies seeking to recycle wind turbines.

CO2 reduction and environmental benefit:

“Using recycled fibreglass within noise barriers replaces more expensive and energy-intensive materials, thus contributing to reducing society’s overall CO2 output”

Tried and tested:

Analysis results from sustainable consultancy firm COWI conclude that Miljøskærm’s® product reduces CO2 emissions by ~60% and energy consumption by ~40% when compared to the typical manufacturing of noise barriers

Watch their video:

Copyright - Miljøskærm


reduced CO2 emissions by ~60%

reduced energy consumption by 40%

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