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NOMA's range of furniture is the first comprehensive attempt to design a circular high-end environment for homes and offices.​​

This company serves as a great example of how home decor can be largely build on ideas of circularity, recyclability and material reuse.

NOMA argue that design should be seen as a lever for positive change. Sourcing the most promising and beautiful recycled material and trash offered the designer a blank sheet to write on. NOMA's furnitures are mainly produced in France and contain 83% recycled materials.

Their works are imagined by renowned designers and made from recycled and bio-sourced materials.

“Our whole project is about eco-responsibility and eco-conception.”

Impact calculation:

Through work with specialists - Eco-Conception Cooperative MU - NOMA can carry out a “Life-Cycle Analysis” for each item they produce.

This becomes the base for development of a middle- to long-term action plan, and drives them toward an approach of ongoing improvement.

Focus on Transparency:

They are committed to being open and transparent in relation to their products, associates, materials and producers.

Long life products:

They choose sustainable materials that have come from mature recycling networks and have long lifespans.

Product testing:

They test products and materials with the FCBA (Fédération de la Cellulose et du Bois dans l’Ameublement) or French Institute of Technology for Forest-based and Furniture Sectors) to verify their sustainability and durability. Furthermore customers are asked to send back used furniture when they no longer want them, which will be put to better use than landfill.

Copyright - NOMA


Made from up to 99.6% recycled materials

Tested for environmental impact

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