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A system to upcycle non recyclable plastics

Ever heard that "Plastic waste isn't recyclable" - this is a massive lie.

Plastic bags, sachets, polystyrene, toothpaste tubes and food containers are a few examples of 'non recyclable plastics' which end up in our oceans. Recnorec is a company providing a solution for the recycling of plastics which normally are dubbed unrecyclable. Their upcycling process absorbs mixed plastic waste, shreds it, densifies it and puts it through a shaping machine, creating eco-friendly, recyclable products.

The output they create is a building block that can be shaped and used for various purposes. This product can be used in place of wood, metal, plastic or concrete.

So far Recnorec have created furnature and utilities for outdoor spaces such as park benches, bins, coffee tables and more. This simple solution shows how we can re-think end of life of plastics. Rather than end up in the ocean, plastics waste can make a good raw material to create structures that don't rot and are near infinitely recyclable.

Expanding this concept past this small French startup - the applications of such innovation are widespead and global. Their innovation has paved the way for an entire market of new products, ideas, creations and initiatives that value plastic waste as a cheap alternative to other construction materials.

See their product video:

How else can we re-think product lifecycles, to create societies of minimal impact? 🤔

See our other articles on circular economy for examples of similar innovation.

Ugoline Soler created Recnorec.

Copyright - Recnorec


Uses mixed plastic sources - all encompasing

Upcycles used plastic

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Their recruitment page has multiple roles on offer.




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