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Shellworks create biodegradable plastic alternatives with natural products and waste that are fully compostable.

Shellworks envisage a post-plastic world, demonstrating how conventional plastics don’t need to have a place in our society through the creation of innovative plastic replacements that are highly functional and present no harm to the natural environment. They create biodegradable plastic products from natural sources and waste for applications in a number in industries. 

They produce a few main products; a tube shape container, a creams/ liquids container and an oil dropper. These have applications for skincare, health products, liquids, foods and more. 

Shellworks produce two kinds of plastic: Vivomer and Shellmer. 


Vivomer, created by microorganisms that are abundant in soil and marine environments is a fully compostable bioplastic, this means is leaves no micro plastics behind after decomposition. Microbes naturally abundant in soil trigger the onset of the degradation processes when Vivomer products are composted, meaning they won’t degrade over time when sitting in your cupboard. The product is fully vegan, meaning no harm to animals as well as the environment in which they live. Vivomer has application in personal care product packaging and storage, with a focus on water or oil based emulsions, it has the capability to replace plastic packaging in this sector. 


Shellmer is a biopolymer extracted from seafood waste. It is created to replace thin plastic films and is water-soluble… once used, simply dissolve it in hot water! Furthermore, is antimicrobial and doubles as a natural fertiliser, so it has applications even after the end of its lifecycle as a plastic film replacement.

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Fully compostable

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Shellworks have a few current roles and no internships. However they advice you reach out if interested in working with them but no job postings are a match for you.


London, England, UK


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