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Fertile soil made from waste

Imagine if waste could be transformed into fertile soil - luckily, you don't have to. Subster had this vision and turned it into reality. This innovative product shows how we can re-think waste as a valuable input rather than throw-away output; one mans trash is another mans treasure. Subster uses waste rock to recreate fertile soil, transforming a lifeless material into a life source. They aim to recycle mineral and organic waste from existing practices while protecting natural soils. 

This creation of new soil allows for fast plant growth and production. Their environmental commitments go further than just their product. They are commited to to protect the natural environment & improve life quality in urban areas while reducing cost of soil transformation and waste management. 

The soil they make is a topsoil made up of clean waste recycling. It respects government regulations and is 100% made from recycled materials. 

Subster's product allows for further development and agriculture while innovating to make use of our waste rather than 'dealing with it'. The company who creates Subster - Microhumus, also regenerates degraded soils & polluted soils, constructs forests and reconstructs landscapes. 

Companies like this are capable of transforming how we coexist with and use nature. Microhumus see nature as a regenerative rather than expendible resource. They are teaching the rest of the world that working alonside nature is more powerful than exploiting it. 

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Better waste management

100% made from recycled sources

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Orvault, France


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