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An energy and water saving bioplastic product which is fully compostable within meaningful time frames.

Created by LYSPACKAGING, the Veganbottle is made from an all-natural bioplastic that could replace plastic bottles forever. Everything in the Veganbottle, from the cap to the wrapper, is made from 100% biodegradable materials. The bottle is made from sugarcane extracts. Sugar cane requires far less water than other crops, and the manufacturing of the bottle itself uses less energy than conventional manufacturing.

Their products biodegrade with no toxic residue and generate at least 50% less CO2 throughout its life cycle compared to petrochemical plastic. Their carbon footprint was measured out by a life cycle analysis study on CO2 emissions taking into account the manufacture of the material, all transport, production and the end of life of our packaging.

How it must be disposed of and treated:

“The optimal treatment after use is compostability. More than 90% of the mass decomposes within 6 months under compostability conditions, defined according to the UNE EN ISO 13432 (US ASTM D6400) standard.”

The 3 ways to compost this product are:

1) composting in the home by micro-digesters with organic waste (time between 24 and 48 hours)

2) collection and composting in an industrial centre locally or regionally with organic waste (delay between 30 to 90 days)

3) burying (variable delay depending on environmental conditions)

it is the combination of temperature, humidity and presence of microorganisms that are needed for quick decomposition of the plastic.

The company also makes other products:

  • Jars

  • Caps

  • Pillboxes

  • Flasks

Materials used in their products include:

  • Sugar cane

  • Hemp

  • Flax

  • Shells, seeds, kernels

  • Wood fibre

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Fully compostable

50% less CO2 required

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