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Dryad Wildfire Detection


Wildfires cause high levels of CO2 emissions as well as damage to communities.
Learn how this innovative early detection system works.

Wildfires present a major risk to the destruction of large terrestrial carbon sinks. These events cause the emission of the carbon locked up within trees, wildfires are responsible for a large proportion of global CO2 emissions. Futhermore, these hazards present a danger to humans and wildlife.

Dryad Silvanet technology allows firefighters to extinguish fires long before they spread out of control.

The system uses 3 components:


Solar powered and wireless, they measure temperature, humidity and air pressure. Dryad use sensitive gas sensors to detect fires early on, in the smouldering phase, before they begin to spread rapidly.

Mesh Gateway

This device extends the distance of network coverage & connectivity of sensors

allowing the technology to be deployed at much larger scales.

Each cover typical distances of 2-6km

Cloud platform

Provides cloud data tools for analytics, monitoring and alerting.

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Credits :

Dryad. “Wildfire Detection by Silvanet: Dryad Networks.” Dryad, 2022,


Continuous monitoring system

Detects wildfires

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Berlin, Germany



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Dryad are searching for interns in Berlin in both marketing and engineering (embedded software or cloud / UI development) roles.

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