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Leading the way in creating safe, trustworthy investments into nature-based solutions for carbon removal

In the face of the escalating climate crisis, Earthly emerges as a force committed to driving meaningful change. One of Earthly's principal initiatives is its commitment to funding and promoting carbon offset projects. These projects play a crucial role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Earthly supports a variety of projects, from reforestation and afforestation efforts to renewable energy initiatives, ensuring that every Earthly customer's contribution makes a tangible impact on the environment.

The planting of trees can provide a number of benefits, for the environment, community, and economy. Trees are recognised as a nature-based solution to tackling climate change as they sequester or ‘take in’ carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis – one of the main greenhouse gases driving the global phenomenon referred to as climate change. Furthermore, many studies have uncovered a close relationship between green spaces and human well-being. There is therefore an opportunity here to support environment sustainability and communities simultaneously, one which could have far-reaching positive outcomes for years to come.

We’ve seen a rise in questionable tree-planting initiatives recently, many of which have turned out to be misleading, leaving many sceptical. Frequently disregarding place-specific biodiversity and the needs of communities, questions are raised as to just how effective these can really be. Might Earthly be the blueprint for effective long-term climate action, one which sees a much more holistic approach adopted?

Issues we see all too often with tree-planting initiatives - “We’ll plant 10 trees for every purchase made”

  • Overlooking biodiversity considerations: crucial to protect local biodiversity, avoiding introducing invasive species or using monoculture practises which can leave whole forests vulnerable

  • Questions of authenticity: many tree planting initiatives have been criticised for not having the truest of intentions when it comes to promoting environmental sustainability, often furthering greenwashing (even if unintended).

  • Indirect involvement: some of this tree planting is delegated to other organisations, removing this direct management that can provide transparency and efficacy of the scheme.

Even if inadvertently doing so, these falsehoods and potential shortfalls risk undermining environmental sustainability goals and perpetuating greenwashing.

What sets Earthly apart?

  • Transparency: Earthly themselves have direct involvement in their schemes, taking responsibility in ensuring their success.

  • Holistic and long-term perspective: carbon removal is of course a vital and key part of the mission for planting trees but, if effectively done, a myriad of other benefits can be shared. In this view, they look at ‘sustainability’ not only in the context of the environment, but socially and economically too. Earthly’s focus is much more on the long-term, ensuring real positive change is being made (and not just for businesses’ optics!). For example, managed effectively, such initiatives could create forestry-related employment opportunities, while also having positive health benefits for locals (both mental and physical wellbeing).

  • Scientifically backed: their approach is founded on scientific data and research, from

  • Climate positive: Earthly doesn’t just stop at offsetting a company’s emissions, instead going further to ensure that they become climate positive through their tree planting and nature restoration mission

  • Empowerment: giving both individuals and organisations the tools and resources to play a role in combatting climate change

As Wes Swaffar of American Forests shares in an article for Yale Environment, “if we plant the right trees in the right places and manage them in the right way, we can accomplish a lot”. The success of afforestation is dependent on appropriate and effective management to flourish and achieve its goals.

Their rigorous and holistic assessment of projects looks at biodiversity and social impact concurrently, thereby making certain that your investment yields a genuinely positive impact. This assurance is particularly crucial in an era where sustainability often gets dismissed as a mere buzzword, fad or passing craze. Earthly dismisses this notion, demonstrating that profitability, sustainability, and long-term commitment can go hand in hand: the very idea underpinning sustainable development, one they hope to bring to realisation.

Written by Heidi Surfleet


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Trees as nature-based solution to tackling climate change

Earthly pride themselves on transparency and their holistic approach

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