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Tesla Powerwall

This battery by Tesla allows for household solar energy storage for night time

The Tesla Powerwall is a battery device which stores solar or grid energy for later use. The appliance solves a major concern for those using solar energy to power their homes: reliability. Solar without battery storage is useful to power products when the sun is shining. However, on rainy days or at night solar creates issues when users are dependant on this for their main power source.

Their ‘Go Off-Grid’ feature allows users to disconnect their household energy ecosystem from the utility grid in order to simulate the off grid experience. This feature places control into the users in relation to their energy consumption and helps them understand their dependances on electricity sources to improve energy security.

During this off grid simulation, each Powerwall can provide 5kW of power.

The Tesla app helps users maintain control over their home energy system. It allows the user to monitor their energy consumption and production. This helps users in outage protection and energy savings. The Backup Gateway in the Powerwall is responsible for this data, it adapts to user energy use over time.

Design specifics (Tesla, 2022 “Powerwall”):

  • Energy Capacity:

13.5 kWh. 100% depth of discharge 90% round trip efficiency

  • Installation Floor or wall mounted Indoor or outdoor Up to 10 Powerwalls -4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C Water and dust resistance to IP67

  • Power 7kW peak / 5kW continuous Quick backup transition Pure sine wave output


All images and information taken from the Official tesla website.

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