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DC scope


This AI software measures CO2 impacts of online servers in real time, and provides information of the impacts of product lifecycles

One of the first steps in reducing emissions is making visible the ways in which a business emits greenhouse gases. Transparency and visibility are responsible for providing key knowledge which decision making is driven by. These decisions are ultimately the first step in taking action. Dc-scope is a tool which enables companies to understand and measure the environmental impacts caused by their IT systems, allowing them to take action in reducing their emissions.

While IT may seem a niche and insignificant area, IT services have increasingly high impacts on CO2 emissions; importantly these impacts are not understood by many organisations.

DC Scope technology provides real time monitoring of CO2 emissions of IT services, virtual machines and servers. It even covers the impacts of product lifecycles from manufacturing to recycling.

It communicates this data through a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to make analysis simple and effective. Furthermore, advice on how to lower emissions is given to clients through technological and management objectives.

This process allows an organisation to gain in depth real time data on emissions, follow set objectives to lower their emissions and see their progression and improvements in real time.

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CO2 monitoring in real time

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DC scope is a great place to look for work if you are interested in the intersection between AI, coding and sustainability. They have no career page, we strongly advice you to reach out to the company and show your interest and desire to learn more about them. At a minimum, you will gain a new connection!

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