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Wave Energy Converter deployable near shore for carbon free electricity

AW Energy is a pioneer in the green economy and a global leader in wave energy technology.

Their flagship device WaveRoller produces renewable energy from tidal forces near shore. Deployed between depths of 8 and 20 meters, the divice is often fully submerged and anchored to the seabed. It resembles a large flap, which moves back and forth along with the tide, turning a motor. The kinetic energy from the waves are turned into electricity and then moved on shore.

A single WaveRoller unit rated between 350kW and 1000kW can be deployed as single units or in farms (large groups) to produce much larger quantities of electricity.

This powerful innovation could be the solution to truly clean energy 24//7 for coastal communities, replacing their need for harmful fossil fuels.

In this explanatory video, AW-Energies provide a detail scientific understanding of oscillating wave surge converters: explanatory video.

Surge phenomenon

The device captures energy from wave surges, a universal event that occurs as waves approach the shoreline. A surge is when the circular motion of water particles is forced to become elongated due to friction with the seabed, chaning its course and amplifying the speed of water particle movement. Areas that experience this have powerful water movements; it is this force that the Wave Energy Converter harnesses, and turns into electricity that we can use to power our everyday lives.

Want to learn more? Visit: where you can find videos of their wave energy converter (WEC) devices.

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Deployable near shore in large farms

No carbon emissions during opporaition

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Waiting for the Waves


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