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Mocean Energy

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Cost effective wave energy converters

Mocean energy creates and develops hinge raft wave energy converting technology to provide renewable energy to various applications, including the grid and subsea structures. Their hinge mechanism is activated by the movement of waves, and torque gets converted into electricity in the generator located inside the hinge between the two hulls. They are built to gather energy from smaller sized waves, and dive underneath large waves to increase their lifespan.

The devices are tested using tank testing simulations, real at sea prototype testing and numerical modelling is used to increase geometry optimisation, making other hinge devices are 3 times less effective at energy production. They are in the process of developing wave energy converters for small, mid and grid size, starting with the first prototype of Blue X which has been successfully tested at the European Marine Energy Centre site in Orkney, and the lessons will be used into developing their first commercial device: Blue Star 20. The Blue Star 20 provides power for a range of subsea devices including subsea control systems, decommissioning subsea infrastructure, decarbonisation, aquaculture or powering ROVs and AUVs. The Blue Horizon 250 is a much larger model that can be deployed in farms offshore or integrated in wind wave farms to provide energy to coastal and small island communities and the general grid. Images of the Blue Star 20 pictured on top, & Blue Horizon 250 below.

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Images and information curtesy of Mocean Energy Ltd, more information on

Mocean energy. “Wave Energy Converter: Mocean Pioneering Wave Technology.” Mocean Energy, 25 July 2022,


Cost effective

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