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Waveswell Energy LTD

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This unique solution uses waves to displace air, moving a wind turbine to generate clean energy.

Wave swell has developed a 200Kw wave energy converter using OWC technology.

OWC is a form of artificial blowhole. These devices work by displacing air above passing waves. The device itself resembles a hollow cube with two openings, one opening on the side wall and one on the wall above. The device sits at water level. As waves pass, they enter the side chamber, forcing air inside the space out of the exit in the roof. A turbine sits between the walls of the exit passage, and the air forced out of the chamber spins the turbine, generating electricity.

The Uniwave in action ^ (Waveswell, 2021)

The Uniwave is the first Oscillating Water Column (OWC) that uses a unidirectional turbine. Other OWC technology uses a bidirectional turbine. This alternative approach makes the turbine more robust and cheap to produce.

Sited at King Island, between Tasmania and Australia, the Uniwave demonstrates the commercial viability of this technology deployed at a large scale.

To understand how OWCs work, here is a simple diagram:

Zhen Liu 'Schematic layout of Oscilliating Water Collumb' (2014)

This diagram demonstrates an onshore OWC. Both technologies produce electricity in the same way but are placed in different areas.

The electricity generated by the Uniwave will enter the local grid operated by Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy, Hydro Tasmania.


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Cui, Ying & Liu, Zhen. (2014). Effects of Solidity Ratio on Performance of OWC Impulse Turbine. Advances in Mechanical Engineering. 7. 121373-121373. 10.1155/2014/121373.


Constant supply of energy

Clean energy for Grid

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King Island, Australia



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Waiting for the Waves


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