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This unique solution to conditioning uses glass which can restrict the amount light passing through it to control temperatures indoor.

Sageglass provides a unique solution to climate control in indoor spaces.

This is a form of Smartglass, which can chane transparency to control the amount of light passing into a building.

The significance of this technology is threefold:

  • Heat control

  • Glare control

  • Lack of curtains/view obstruction

With this new technology, office spaces, shops, houses, and other spaces can enjoy the view even when it is getting too hot to do so, by blocking out light.

Furthermore, this glass automatically keeps the room at a consistent temperature by changing how much light is let in depending on the intensity of the sunlight at any given time.

This removes the need for cooling systems in many circumstances where glass windows naturally cause buildings to heat up, creating the need for energy-intensive cooling.

The smartglass can be controlled autonomously or manually through connection to your devices.

Their youtube videos demonstrate the technology as well as case studies of some award winning buildings which use their glass.

See this showcase video:



Information and image 1:

Sageglass. “The Global Leader in Electrochromic Glass.” SageGlass, 2022,

Image 2


Glare control

Displaces emissions associated with traditional AC

Project Gallery

Lake in winter


Faribault - USA, Flamatt -Switzerland, Egmore - India



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They have a careers page which currently has no open positions. However we strongly advice you to reach out to the company and show your interest and desire to learn more about them if you are interested. At a minimum, you will gain a new connection!

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