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Recycling waste energy from industrial fridges to heat water.

The following is an example of efficiency increasing alongside innovation, which will contribute significantly to lower emissions as efficiency increases across all industries.

Industrial fridges, such as those in supermarkets and food storage facilities are needed to keep food cold. Like household fridges they work by extracting heat from the room and releasing it into the atmosphere.

This heat is usually wasted, but Boostherm figured out a way to harness and use it. They developed a heat recovery system which recovers wasted energy and uses it to heat water. Therefore, the water heated is effectively carbon free. The water is heated to a minimum of 55 Celcius, suitable for sanitary hot water and low-temperature heating appliances.

Real life example:

One of their customers was a McDonald's Franchisee who in the space of one year, saved 13KWh of electricity. This is equivalent to that of three houses with solar panels operating for one year. They were able to produce over 800L of hot water per day, more than enough to run the restaurant.

Watch the video:



Boostherm. “Boostherm, Boostez Vos Économies D'énergie.” Boostherm, 8 Apr. 2021,

Environmental benefits

Increased efficiency of current systems

Carbon free hot water

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