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Cool Energy's Stirling Engine

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This Stirling Engine converts waste heat energy into electricity

Deisel-fueled generators are commonplace, especially in off-grid locations. These systems produce electricity but also emit large amounts of waste heat energy. Cool Energy has a machine that converts waste heat to produce electricity, reducing how much diesel is combusted per unit of energy production. Recovering this waste heat means increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

While this is not a long-term solution to environmentally friendly energy production, increasing efficiency is a way to reduce emissions prior to a green energy transition.

The Stirling engine also has application in solar, biomass and geothermal energy production.

Diagram of ThermoHear Engine

ThermoHeart® Engine configured to recover genset exhaust waste heat

While the use of thermal waste for energy production is not new, this engine provides a solution at a scale not yet targeted by prior existing technologies. This technology only existed at large scales (hundreds of kW); markets of small businesses and homeowners were'nt targeted. Cool Energy technology is unique: it covers low-temperature waste heat for waste energy under 11kW.


Cool Energy. ThermoHeart 25 Kw High Performance Stirling Engine - Cool Energy. 2019,

Environmental benefits

Reduced emissions per unit of energy

Waste energy up-cycled into Electricity

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