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This fuel additive reduces hydrocarbons by 50%, CO2 by 8% and Carbon monoxide by 15%

Fuelgems is the most powerful fuel additive in history. It makes gasoline cars far more environmentally friendly and lowers emissions in this sector while a gradual transition to electric cars is underway.

In fact if your electric car is charged by grid power, this fuel alternative has a similar and much cheaper environmental impact to using an electric vehicle.

Electric cars charged via renewable energy is however much better for the environment.

Here are the greenhouse gass reductions from using the fuelgems additive:

Unburnt Hydrocarbons by 49.5%

Carbon Monoxide by 15%

Carbon Dioxide by 9%

Particulate Matter

This allows cars, trucks, and other large vessels currently burning fuel to be more efficient and see massive reductions in their effects on air pollution and the greenhouse effect.

The additive also helps fuel stay fresh for longer and increases lubrication. This has two benefits:

  • Fuel doesn’t go off as often, meaning less can be sourced, as waste fuel is replenished.

  • Increased lubrication means fuel is more efficient, therefore less fuel is burned overall

The product is very affordable. Due to nanotechnology, only 5g of the substance is used to treat 260 gallons of fuel, making it easy to implement in refineries and at the industrial level.


Fuelgems. “FUELGEMS Multi-Action Fuel Additive.” FuelGems Multi-Action Fuel Additive, 2021,

Environmental benefits

Affordable temporary alternative to

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from fuel

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