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RFX Consortium - Nuclear Fusion

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RFX Consortium produce cutting edge research of nuclear fusion

The RFX Consortium (Consorzio RFX) laboratories in Padova are overseeing pioneering projects looking at alternative energy sources in response to increasing energy consumption and a current over-reliance on fossil fuels. RFX aim to be able to access an almost inexhaustible energy source by using nuclear fusion: the same reaction that takes place within the sun and stars. It has the potential to be sustainable if we learn to replicate and control this same process.

This process is not without its shortfalls and controversy. Here is a list of the positive and negative attributes of nuclear fusion: 


  • Potential to access infinite energy source

  • Reduces dependency on finite fossil fuels

  • Once the infrastructure is in place it is a relatively cheap process (despite high upfront cost)

  • Often considered ‘safer’ than other processes in regard to pullution levels and control over process of energy production


  • Expensive construction of necessary infrastructure

  • Fusion requires high levels of thermal energy -  costly to provide and maintain

  • Uncertainty surrounding future impact of fusion - unexamined long-term consequences including the impact of hydrogen as a bi product of fusion process

Nonetheless, this is an example of scientists coming together and making tangible moves towards clean energy solutions, reducing dependencies on finite fossil fuels. Experiments are ongoing. 

During our visit to their laboratory, the head of communications explained how ‘hydrogen fusion’  is favoured and perceived more positively than ‘nuclear fusion’. The lab hopes to change these perceptions and help people realise the potential nuclear fusion has in providing a safe and clean energy source for all. 

Images Copyright- Consorzio RFX

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Environmental benefits

Zero Greenhouse Gass Emission

Abundant energy source

Project Gallery

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As an initiative, RFX Consortium offers a number of different internships, and summer schools as well as their very own doctorate course supported by the University of Padua. We recommend having a look at the ‘training tab’ on their website to explore current opportunities and vacancies.

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