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Hydrogen production from waste plastic - used for clean transport

Ways2H produces pure hydrogen for use by low emission vehicles. Their technology will be used throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe as part of public transport systems. Currently, 95% of hydrogen fuel is produced from fossil fuels, however Ways2H uses waste plastic to produce the hydrogen. This is a solution which solves two issues: that of plastic waste and carbon free hydrogen production.

In order for their project to be carbon neutral, they capture and store the carbon they emit.

Plastic waste is a huge problem that affects the planet and wildlife due to its inability to biodegrade alongside its tendency to end up in our oceans. Using this waste productively to produce clean energy is hence a two birds one stone solution to the issues of plastic waste and environmental pollution from GHG emissions.

Closed energy cycle:

“The thermochemical process producing the syngas leaves char as a byproduct, which is virtually pure carbon. The char is collected and used as fuel together with the remaining tail-gas to generate the energy needed for the thermochemical conversion of the waste feedstock. Therefore, the system self-supplies the energy and heat it needs to operate and produce hydrogen and does not require any outside fuel except to start up a new unit for the first time.”



Ways2H. “Hydrogen from Waste.” Ways2H, 2020,

Environmental benefits

Carbon free

Uses waste plastic to create energy

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