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4Ocean is a Florida-based company on a mission to clean the ocean while stopping the inflow of plastic by helping change consumption habits on land

Outside of ocean cleanup and recycling, 4Ocean influences actors such as governments and corporations to make systemic changes, and works with nonprofits to advance the growing movement toward a more sustainable planet.

The company started out selling bracelets made from ocean plastic. For each product purchased, their crew remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. Since its launch in 2017, the 4ocean team has removed more than seven million pounds of plastic from the ocean.

With this plastic, 4Ocean create products which are sold online. These include water bottles, clothing items, chairs, bags and other accessories.

Furthermore 4Ocean are innovators in sustainable technology, namely they have created a solar powered robot which cleans beaches from plastic.

They have a bunch of great videos on their youtube channel to watch if you are interested:

Check out their project in Haiti

Deep water clean up

Their mission

What they do with the plastic


Copyright - 4Ocean benefit corp.


removed > 7 Million pounds of plastic from the ocean

Plastic up cycled into new products




Florida, USA



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Great Barrier Reef

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4 Ocean have a variety of positions for interns fresh out of study.
Interns have noted the warm and friendly atmosphere and working environment at 4Ocean. They have emphasised how students are given responsibility and treated as an equal to other employees.

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