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ARC Marine


A UK based company specialising in Nature Inclusive Design and Artificial reefs

This company creates marine foundations and seabed stabilisation services that promote the ecological functioning of local environments. 

Their material, marine Crete, Requires 15.1 kgCO2/tonne of concrete. In comparison, traditional porcelain concrete requires 792kg of CO2/tonne. Furthermore, marine Crete utilizes sustainably sourced materials (98%) from waste or recycling plants and ensures their products contain zero plastic to prevent the entry of micro-plastics. 

Their product can last over 100 years in the marine environment. 

 Reef Cubes®, are versatile cube-like marine structures that protect subsea and coastal assets. They prove hard substrate for these services while enhancing habitat complexity. Due to their non-toxic binder, they also don’t harm the local wildlife. The cube's design and chemical composition mean that their internal chambers rapidly become colonized by marine wildlife, acting as nursery grounds for marine species. This enables them to enrich biodiversity in local environments. 

Check out their croudfunding video:

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ARC Marine. “Reef Cubes®: Marine Ecology: Sub Sea Protection.” Arc Marine, 12 July 2022,


Promotes Biodiversity

Ecological habitat enhancement




Torquay, UK



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Great Barrier Reef

Take action

ARC marine is a good place to look if you are interested in marine science, subsea technology and sustainability for your career and are based in the UK.

If they have no current postings, don't be disheartened. It's still worth getting in contact with them and showing your interest.

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