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Coral Vita


An onshore coral farm which seeks to restore deteriorating reefs and promote the resilience of coral species against changing environments

Coral reefs support 25% of marine species. They are extremely important ecosystems. Innovative restorations projects like these are fundamental in protecting reefs worldwide from degradation. 

Coral Vita’s land-based coral farms integrate new methods developed by solar impulse advisors to accelerate coral growth up to 50x fater in a process called microfragmenting. Coral Vita further enhances species resilience to ocean warming and acidification through assisted evolution. The coral grown on-shore is then planted into deteriorating reefs, bringing them back to life.

Their land based farms also act as education centres for local communities and Eco tourism attractions. 

Check out their introduction video: 

Their methods: 

  • Micro Fragmentation:  breaking the corals into smaller pieces of 1 to 5 polyps, using a specialised band-saw, stimulating the coral tissue to grow, a

  • Assisted evolution: through breeding practices they create more resilient coral 


Coral Vita. “Restoring Our World'sdying Coral Reefs.” Home, 2021,


Catalyses natural processes of growth

Breeding practices to enhance species resilience




Freeport, Grand Bahama



Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 1.12.21 pm.png
Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 10.07.44 pm.png
Great Barrier Reef

Take action

CoralVita is a good place to look for experience for a hands on approach to restoration of reefs.
Their website has no career page, however, we suggest reaching out if you are seeking an internship or job with them through their contact page

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