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GVI - Reef Restoration


This program helps to restore reef ecosystems and educate local communities of their importance

GVI run a range of programs that tackle social and environmental problems. This article will focus on their reef restoration and marine conservation efforts in Puerto Morelos

Primary Objective: Restoration and conservation of the Mesoamerican Coral Reef System located in the National Park Reefs of Puerto Morelos.


Secondary Objectives:

– Monitor the health of the Mesoamerican Coral Reef System located inside the National Park Reefs of Puerto Morelos.

– Understanding the relationship between the community of Puerto Morelos and the coral reef ecosystem and impacts generated by the use of the natural resources of the ecosystem.

– Supporting environmental education tasks in the community directed toward sustainable use of its natural resources.

– Supporting fund generation activities to assist the restoration and conservation of the coral reef ecosystem.


They have a 5 year partnership with INAPESCA (National Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture), an ongoing open-ended partnership with CONANP (National Commission of Natural Protected Areas), and the Healthy Reef for Healthy People Initiative. 


Through partnerships they:


– Create educational programs

Collect data on indicators of coral health

– Make action plans for data colleciton and health monitoring of ecosystems

– Work closely with local communities to understand their needs and relationships with the reef 



GVI charitable program . “Coral Reef Restoration and Marine Conservation in Mexico.” GVI Charitable Programs, 13 May 2021,


Reef restoration and long term plans to maintain health of reefs

Educational programs, community outreach




Puerto Morelos. Other GVI projects global



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Great Barrier Reef

Take action

GVI offers international conservation and community development-focused programs that align with the UN SDG’s. Included in are virtual internships, in-field internships, apprenticeships and research fellowships.

Virtual Internships:
These allow participants to gain the practical experience needed to land a purpose-driven international dream job, without having to leave home. They offer practical work experience with a range of governments, NGOs and social enterprises in locations around the world, daily one-on-ones with an assigned mentor and weekly masterclasses delivered by local experts.

In-field Internships:
These are designed for participants who would like to gain real-world experience working at one of their 14 international locations, explore various career paths, and gain relevant additional qualifications and professional references.

Professional Apprenticeships:
These provide participants with the opportunity to fast-track their careers. In this program, participants work on real-world projects with one or more of GVI’s international partners, making a genuine impact and gaining valuable career-related experience in the for-good sector. Participants receive ongoing support from a supervisor throughout their program.

Research Fellowships:
These are designed to support students working on research papers by providing them with everything needed to succeed. This includes a dedicated supervisor who provides them with topic suggestions and access to data (if required), unique research opportunities, and guides them on their research methodology and data collection. Participants also receive two sessions with a career mentor who will provide them with all the relevant support needed to secure a job in a relevant field, and a job *guarantee. (*T&Cs apply.)

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