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Meditation in Forest

Green School Bali

An Eco-friendly focused school which encourages future leaders to value nature & the environment. The school campus is made out of bamboo and is powered by solar panels and a mini hydroelectric vortex.

Education is at the heart of development and societal progress. It is more and more important that schools have a focus on teaching students about sustainable pathways and careers. For this reason, the Green School has been added to this site as an example of a school which promotes eco-friendly values. Together, schools promoting these values will have a profound impact on coming generations, providing the world with changemakers who see sustainability and the environment as a key area of focus.

Living in the jungle, students are taught to have a strong connection to and appreciation of nature from a young age. They are encouraged to learn through doing; a prime example of this is the school's transportation system, the ‘bio bus’.

Bio Buss:

A market leader in green transportation, Bio Bus offers the only service in Indonesia operating on 100% renewable energy and the first B(100) Pump Station for public access in Indonesia.

The school campus is made out of bamboo and is powered by solar panels and a mini hydroelectric vortex.

Their compost system is circular and quite elaborate. ‘Kitchen waste and cow manure is collected and composed to create an organic material that is used as nutrient rich fertiliser for the permaculture gardens dispersed throughout the school grounds that supply our kitchen”

An on-site aquaponics ( the integration of aquaculture [raising fish] and hydroponics [the soil-less growing of plants]) centre allows students to learn hands-on about natural symbiotic processes and eco-friendly farming.

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490 students

Founded in 2008

Project Gallery


Bali, Indonesia


Internships / volunteering
They offer semester-long internships each year whereby you will be part of a group of interns and stay at the school. They aim for interns to leave with personal and professional growth and a network of professionals. Interns will gain a deep understanding of education in relation to sustainability. 

Career Opportunities
They offer a range of positions for teachers / staff members

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