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Meditation in Forest

Populus - Denver, Colorado

Designed to be an energetic new social centre in downtown Denver, this building designed by environmentally focused project leaders is a brilliant example of low carbon emission construction projects.

Designed by Studio Gang, this unique building is carbon positive - meaning in its design and building, the project absorbed more carbon than it released. (Including offsetting)

Grant McCargo, Urban Villages’ co-founder and CEO argues that carbon neutral projects are not doing enough for the environment. This was his alternative proposal.

How is the building minimising carbon?

  • It has eliminated parking, which is an excellent method of reducing upfront emissions. Parking takes a lot of concrete and promotes personal vehicle use over public transport

  • Materials used: low-carbon concrete mixes, high-recycled content materials and few finish materials used.

  • Minimising waste

  • Maximising structural efficiency

  • Solar panel implementation

  • Planting trees to offset emissions

A reporter from Forbes Magazine comments on the hotels unique shape:

“The hotel’s window shapes, which indeed read as the familiar aspen growth pattern, create a sculptural façade that is tied to the building’s function — the windows are specifically constructed to perform efficiently in Denver’s wide-ranging climate. On the exterior, each window extends slightly outward according to solar orientation, which shades the interior of the building and improves its energy performance. These window “lids” also channel rainwater to keep the exterior clean and bright. Taken as a whole, at least from renders, the building evokes a Gaudi-esque grandeur while fully occupying the 21st century”

Furthermore the green roof terrace is planted with regional vegetation to provide an attractive habitat for local wildlife and insects

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Highly recyclable material use

Low-Carbon concrete & tree planting for CO2

Project Gallery



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