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A highly recyclable glass wool insulation that is the leading sustainable insulation for housing. Reduces need for heating appliances to reduce emissions

SwissRoll 030 is a glass wool insulation roll made for very low thermal conductivity. It is the first of its kind thanks to its high thermal and acoustic performance.

It is mentioned on this website because it is one of the world's best insulation for the planet. It is highly recyclable, made from 80% recycled glass and has low environmental impacts. Furthermore the binding agent is made from natural products, meaning it won’t pollute our oceans with plastic. This binding agent also certifies very low VOC emissions. Saint-Gobain Isover SA (the company which makes SwissRoll 030) keep sustainability in mind even in the production process, where they use hydroelectric power to power the manufacturing of their product.

The high thermal capacity means less resources are needed to insulate a house, and CO2 emissions on heating can be substantially reduced in housing.

Finally the product is incombustible by nature, greatly reducing fire hazards in housing.

Watch their video:

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Highly recyclable & made from 80% recycled materials

Verified low VOC emissions

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