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Vertura Low Carbon Concrete

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Vertura by Cemex is a range of Concrete mixes that are made to be low in embodied Carbon.

Embodied carbon refers to CO2 emitted during the manufacture, transport, and construction of building materials, plus end of life emissions.

Cemex is a Mexican Multinational company working in the cement industry.

They have released a line of sustainable concrete solutions which they call 'the Vertua range' which aim to provide a low carbon solution to the lifecycle of concrete building material. They aim to reduce how much CO2 is emitted throughout the lifecycle of their product, as well as offsetting emissions at the end of life.

The products include:

  • The classic (30-50% less CO2 than average)

  • Classic zero - same product with the bonus of offsetting emissions

  • Ventura plus (60% less CO2 than average)

  • Ventura Ultra zero: A carbon neutral cement solution made with geopolymers

The cement mix is fully recyclable and able to be reused continuously.

The huge benefit of this is to decarbonize the construction industry through the foundational materials which they use.

Cemex also has goals to work towards a circular economy. Here is their statement in that regard:

“CEMEX contributes to mitigating the waste management challenges faced by cities, governments, and communities around the world.

In this regard, our main objective is to maximise the use of waste produced by society and other industries within our plants. During 2021, we managed close to 23 million tons of waste and non-recyclable by-products, which is over 57 times more waste that we sent to landfill.

We are responsible for recovering 95% of the total waste generated for reuse or recycling within our operations. As a result, only 5% went to landfill.

By 2030, our goal is to increase by 50% the amount of waste and by-products we capture as alternative fuels and alternative raw materials.”

Read about their efforts in Biodiversity and conservation

Watch their video on their sustainability road map:

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Carbon neutral cement solution

Fully recyclable / reusable

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Cemex offers a range of student roles, internships and professional job openings on their website.

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