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Living Farming Tree

A modern & asthetic technology enabling anyone to benefit from indoor farming.

Climate change poses a threat to food production due to changing temperatures, levels of rainfall, and changes to monsoon seasons. This can lead to flooding or drougts and overall threatening food security. Indoor farming poses a unique solution to this issue. Hexagro produce mobile units that use AI to monitor and grow crops indoors. The technology enables individuals to grow their own food in office spaces, restaurants and at home. This minimises the land required to feed urban populations and saves water through its efficient AI technology. Hexagro is protecting crops from fluctuating conditions of climate, and providing an alternative for to buying food products that were produced in inefficient and taxing ways on the environment and it's resources.

They use an app, Hexoft, to monitor the plant growth

Artificial Intelligence:

Plants grow efficiently with the use of LED lighting that adapts automatically to the crop-type and growth stage of the plants. Sensors are used to collect data. The technology can control each cultivation module separately and provide different conditions for different types of urban farmed food (i.e. Greens, Algae, Mushrooms, etc). The system is connected with the user through a digital platform for its remote monitoring and control, and through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, environmental control parameters will always be improving.


"We at Hexagro strive to allow anybody, anywhere to access healthy food by increasing the accessibility to urban-vertical farming technologies.

We envision a world where food production can happen anywhere in the city, even in environments once considered inadequate."

Social impact

Thanks to their Urban Farmers they empower farmer communities in developing countries around the world, transferring their knowledge and technology. They envision a future where anybody, anywhere can access healthy food through urban farming.

They have an emphasis on wellbeing within office environments. Promoting spending time with nature, and a healthy, plant based diet.

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Benefits to the environment

Simple indoor farming

Reduces land and water needed to grow food

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