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This transparent solar panel glass targets UV light, making use of harmful rays while allowing other forms of light to pass through.

PanePowerSW is a uniquely transparent (up to 80%) solar panel glass! It allows most forms of light to pass through, and targets UV light, which it converts to electricity. UV light is not very useful in horticulture, meaning that plants don’t depend on it to grow. By targeting this kind of light, greenhouses can let in the light they need to grow plants and use it for electricity simultaneously.

The energy produced goes to heating, cooling, ventilation and pumping within the greenhouse.

This technology is also exciting for other potential future applications. Imagine office buildings with windows that can absorb UV light and convert it to electricity that powers the building!

The PanePowerSW uses PV technology, which significantly lowers the cost of power generation.

The panels produce 47,3MWh of energy per year and reduce emissions by 14 tonnes of CO2 annually in comparison to a normal greenhouse.

The project is financially supported through an EU sustainability program.

Check out their youtube video:

Want to see more? Their website has a huge array of videos to watch

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Benefits to the environment

Targets UV light

80% transparent

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