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Smog Free Tower


The Smog Free Tower provides a small-scale solution to air pollution in specific parts of a city

Smog ('smoke fog') is effectively air pollution which reduces visibility and causes health problems. It is harmful to inhale over long periods of time & is common in many large cities. This structure removes smog from the air in its vicinity. It measures almost 23 feet high (7 metres) and sucks in polluted air like a vacuum before cleaning it through a process of ionisation and then releasing it back into the environment. At its peak performance, the tower cleans 30,000 m3 of air per hour.

The waste smog particles captured by the tower are compressed together, forming a hard, rock like material. With this, products can be made. For example, the project currently makes rings from the compressed smog, which customers can buy online. In buying a Smog Free Ring, you're contributing to over 10,700 square feet (1000 square meters) of clean air!

How Smog contributes to the greenhouse effect:

Smog is comprised of various particulate matter, some of which acts indirectly as a greenhouse gas, such as NOX (Nitrous oxide) which is responsible for the production of Ozone.

Watch the project video:

Credit: Daan Roosegaarde

Environmental Benefits 

cleans 30,000 m2 of air per hour

Reduces harmful gasses and pollution in the environment

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