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A leading company in commercial wind energy

Vastas is a company which provides wind power and is passionate about helping countries reach their carbon goals. They have installed wind turbines in over 80 countries, both on and offshore. Their various models of turbine are suited to varying wind speeds and local environments. Their service includes continuous monitoring post installation to optimise performance and reduce costs of future projects.

Offshore, Vestas installed the oldest offshore wind farm in operation, Tunø knob in Denmark; which was opened in 1995. Overall offshore the company has installed 1.5 thousand turbines across the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Their company is large and is made up of ~29K employees.

To demonstrate their capacity and scale of their projects, a description of their UK project ‘Viking’ is below.

Shetland island sees regular and favourable wind conditions for energy production and is the site of project Viking. In terms of electricity output, this will be the most productive wind farm in the UK. The farm will produce just under 2TWh each year. For context, this is enough electricity to power almost 500,000 households. The carbon saved annually from this will amount to 500,000 tonnes of CO2.


Their website has a wide range of media to explore which is highly educational and interesting to scroll through. Their blog page writes about their projects and other wind energy related topics. These articles aim to educate audiences on the energy transition, sustainability, technologies and emerging markets.

Their video catalogue is extensive and of high quality as well:


All images and information was taken form Vastas’ website:

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London project ‘Viking’ article:

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29K employees

80 countries

Project Gallery

Solar Panels
Engineers on Solar Roof


Job postings are available as well as a section for ‘early careers’ which includes a graduate program, internships, apprenticeships

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