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VETAR Wind Turbines

This powerful new gen miniature wind turbine is small enough to implement within urban environments

VETAR is a next generation wind turbine which is cheaper, more sustainable, more eco-friendly, more powerful and 93% recyclable.

Furthermore this turbine, unlike others:

  • Produces no noise

  • Doesn’t vibrate

  • Is 2-3 times smaller than its counterpart

  • Has significantly less safety issues

This means that the turbine is suitable for use in urban environments due to their small size and lack of noise pollution. It can be mounted at lighting poles, building roofs, or even at the lawn in front of your house.

Check out this design of how they can be implemented in urbanised areas:

How it works

An area of high pressure is created by a unique ring shaped exterior of the turbine, accelerating wind speeds while creating a natural suction of air moving into the turbine. Two contra-rotating motors spin around, moved by the air. These motors have an accelerating effect on one another, further increasing the turbine's effectiveness five fold in comparison to traditional turbines.

This turbine produces significantly less waste, increases efficiency and produces more energy all while providing clean, green energy.

Watch the video:

Company: Poduhvat

Copyright - Pduhvat


Lack of noise pollution

93% recyclable

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