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Westmill Wind Farm Co-Operative

A community energy project in the southeast of England.

Westmill Wind Farm is a 100% community-owned onshore wind farm made up of 5 turbines. Locals possess greater decision-making and voting power with no transnational corporations holding a financial stake. As a result of this and the 2100+ individuals with shares in the scheme (many of whom live locally), profits also remain local and are invested in securing a positive legacy for the project. As a result, this project supports the democratisation of energy production as well as decarbonisation, with Westmill focusing on using profits created in sustainable development and achieving greater social justice. In addition, by setting a common goal of ensuring energy security and coming together to ensure a return on investment capital, such a community-based project becomes a uniting power: a fantastic example of what can be achieved, even on a small scale.

These turbines generate renewable energy (sold to two electricity suppliers on a fixed term), but also contribute to this idea of energy for development, with profits from energy production distributed to community funds including community energy and educational and arts projects, while also returning some of the shareholders’ capital. Over the last 5 years, the site has had around 10,000 visitors. With guided tours offered, the focus of the initiative is very much education, informing people of the widespread benefits of community energy and encouraging others to initiate similar projects elsewhere. The benefits of such a project become multi-dimensional, with visitors providing an additional financial boost and employment.

Objectives of the initiative

  • Educating on the benefits of sustainable and community energy

  • Give local community decision-making power

  • Promoting energy efficiency

  • Community engagement 

  • Providing grants to others looking to set up a similar project

The United Nations anticipate that energy is (and will only become more) integral to many of the challenges and opportunities we face. Whether it is “jobs, security, climate change, food production or increasing incomes, access to energy for all is essential”. Following the success of the wind farm, a community-owned solar farm was also installed on the site in 2012, hoping to further reduce the dependency on unsustainable fuel sources but also utilise this opportunity to develop in a more considered way.

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Generates energy for 3,000 homes

Saves 5K tonnes of CO2 per year

Project Gallery

Solar Panels


Cumbria, England, UK



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Engineers on Solar Roof


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