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A highly flexible solar panel which can be used in unique places inaccessible to traditional solar technology

The problem with many conventional solar panels is that they are great for houses, but they are often big, heavy and non bendable. This means they are not applicable to many other potential uses.

Solar Cloth manufactures a highly flexible and very thin solar panel (less than 1 mm).

This creates new possibilities for where and how solar panels can be implemented. These panels provide a niche in which they can be implemented in scenarios where traditional solar panels cannot. Examples of potential uses include textiles, tarps, boats, cars and trucks and buildings.

They can even be folded, meaning they can be transported easily, and used on the go.

This new development in technology could allow for so many new possibilities, imagine solar powered cars!

This video demonstrates a car charging port using SolarFabric's pannels:

The company is even testing miniature panels woven into textiles! Though this is at an experimental stage, it's interesting to reflect on the unique possibilities that come with these new technologies.

SolarFabric also have a great blog where they write about innovations in solar. Visit to read their posts. They also have a great selection of youtube videos.

The information and images from this page were taken from

This company is still in the R&D phase.

Fabric, Solar. “Solar Cloth Company .” – Solar Fabric Products News and Information on Research and Development, 26 Oct. 2019,



Highly flexible

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No jobs or internships are posted on their site. A survey conducted by LinkedIn found that up to 85% of jobs are filled not through online ads, but through networking
We strongly advice you to reach out to the company and show your interest and desire to learn more about them. At a minimum, you will gain a new connection!


Colorado, USA



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