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Better Origin

Better Origin, developing technology to reroute the food supply chain from a global scale to a local one.

Established in 2019, Better Origin has pioneered decentralised AI-powered insect mini-farms. Based in Cambridge, the agritech company, is tackling the global challenge of providing sustainable and secure food for the growing population. By collecting local food waste from supermarkets and converting it into high-quality, sustainable animal feed, the company effectively eliminates the need to produce and transport animal feed across the world, addressing critical sustainability issues, reducing carbon footprints, and bolstering the security of the global food supply chain. Better Origin's innovation involves the replication of natural conditions where insects consume food and convert it into vital nutrients for other animals to flourish. By utilising cutting-edge AI and automation, Better Origin creates an ideal environment for this transformative process, yielding nutrient-rich black soldier fly larvae that serve as nourishing feed for the farm's animals.

With inspirations drawn from nature's waste cycle they have a vision to restore the food chain to its original symbiotic harmony. Their approach hopes to reroute the food supply chain from a global scale to a local one. Providing a solution to current models involving two sectors of farming, where plant resources need to be produced for feed to then farm livestock. Current practices involve soya and corn-based feed to be produced on industrial scales, involving deforestation, and requiring vast quantities of water and energy.

According to the UN, more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions emanate from food production, processing, and packaging. Astonishingly, about a third of all food produced annually goes to waste, with the UK alone contributing a staggering 4.5 million tonnes.

Better Origin's mini farms directly tackle this pressing issue within the food chain. The remarkable Better Origin container farm, known as the X1, can produce the same amount of feed that currently requires 1500 square metres of soya plantations, all within a mere 1 square metre. By harnessing food waste as a raw material, Better Origin reduces feed cost for farmers, eliminates waste, and offers an exceptional product that enables animals to forage for live food rather than relying on conventional pellets. Their innovative approach significantly reduces emissions from individual farms and ultimately enhances overall productivity in the agricultural sector.

Written by Mia Honeghan-Bates


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Produces the equivalent amount of food in 1 m^2 as traditional methods do in 1500 m^2

Better Origin's innovation involves the replication of natural conditions where insects consume food, converting it into bio-available energy.


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Cambridge, UK


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