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Foodsteps simplify the path to more considered food consumption through their carbon labelling scheme.

We are often told (whether it’s by headlines, politicians, peers, or our own self-conscience) to adopt ‘greener’ lifestyles, including more considered eating habits. This task can seem overwhelming, particularly when bombarded with statistics and doom-mongering which is why such visual representations can help break this down and make creating a difference (however small) more achievable.

Based in the UK, Foodsteps operate a platform which helps companies calculate the environmental impact of their food products. Their carbon labelling scheme conveys these figures to consumers in an accessible way. International targets as set out by the Paris Agreement, for example, are used for benchmarking, forming the basis of their rating system. Data is verified by academic and industry experts to ensure their validity and avoid misinformation.

The carbon labels use a traffic light and A-E rating system to visually communicate how environmentally friendly that product is, with the carbon footprint per serving displayed beneath. With a QR code alongside, consumers are able to scan and find out more about the product’s lifecycle and provenance: the FoodStory, as Foodsteps refer to it. In this sense, the labels are able to tell the consumer a bit more about how this product got from farm to fork, and the supply chain involved – increasing the transparency of these often ‘invisible’ flows. Food brands and services are able to work with Foodsteps to have these carbon labels displayed on product packaging, but also menus and apps. This helps consumers understand their impact in a more digestible way, equipping them with the information they need to make more informed decisions about their buying of food items.

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Article by Heidi Surfleet 

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Independently verified environmental footprint data, proven to change consumption habits.

Carbon labelling for food packaging helps consumers make informed decisions to reduce their footprint.


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