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Kikleo is a food waste reduction service which uses AI to optimise portion size and advise restaurants

This company implements a useful solution to restaurants to allow them to precisely analyse food waste trends within their operations.

A camera is setup above the area where used plates are placed, along with the food waste left on them, before the food is thrown out.

The camera calculates exactly how much and what is wasted. It then compiles data into a software, which represents it in an easy to understand way. After a while the restaurant will be able to understand which food, and how much of it, is wasted on average for each meal.

This means they can then rethink how much of each ingredient to use in order to minimise waste and maximise economic profit.

Minimising waste is a central part of living in a world where we respect the need to consume carefully and deal with waste in a sustainable way.

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Food waste reduction

Understanding of what consumers waste


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Job Opportunities

Several internships in Paris are open.

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