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Zero waste, Circular food packaging for transportation between wholesaler and retailer

Pandobac is a company which promotes circularity within the food packaging industry. They provide an all encompassing service to food wholesalers which provides them with reusable packaging by which to transport and store food.

Currently, packaging in the food industry is single use. These are normally in the form of cardboard, wood and plastic or polystyrene crates. Retailers throw them away due to time constraints and lack of storage space.

This company works on a pay by use model whereby reusable crates are rented, cleaned, delivered and returned.

Pillars of the business:

  • The rental of reusable crates which comply with food standards

  • A washing service by which crates are thoroughly cleaned between uses

  • A mobile and web tracking service application

This solution cuts out the need for single use plastics, cardboard and other materials which are used once and thrown out on a regular basis in high volumes.

Benefits to environment and businesses

  • Restaurants and municipalities don't have to deal with packaging waste anymore, while wholesalers and producers save money on their packaging budget

  • Crates made from highly recyclable plastic

  • Replaces 2000 disposable forms of packaging per day

  • With an assumption of 40 rotations, using a reusable crate emits 3 times less CO2 than using polystyrene boxes

  • Pandobac saves 1L of water for each use of crate, compared to disposable packaging

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Zero waste

Reduced CO2 and water


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Job Opportunities

Interested in the company?
They have no mentioned roles or internships, however it is important to remember that many interns get work just by reaching out generally offering help outside of a specific job posting.

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