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Too Good To Go

An innovative solution to food waste in the inner city.

With an estimated 1/3 of food going to waste, this is an issue that needs to be tackled head-on. Too Good To Go works as a service, putting unsold food and drink products from food outlets onto their platform, allowing users to reserve a ‘magic bag’ at a fraction of their retail price. A variety of food outlets can take part: from bakeries and supermarkets to pubs and wholesalers. Their map tool allows you to view what is available near you. Users are also able to view retail prices and the reviews of other users. Orders are pre-paid on the app and then you pick them up at the specified time. Every bag is a surprise, so you never know quite what you are going to get! Not only is it working to reduce food waste, but it is great value for money for customers while also helping outlets make up for retrospective costs that cannot otherwise be recovered: making it mutually beneficial.

Affordability and accessibility are at the platform’s core. Alongside this service, Too Good To Go partners up with food banks to improve food security within communities, and policymakers to support making tangible change in this area. On their website, there is also a blog which suggests zero-waste recipes, as well as some other tips for becoming a more sustainable consumer.

Too Good To Go argue that the most effective way of fighting food waste is to change attitudes and educate. Helping people realise the difference between ‘use by’, ‘best by’ and ‘sell by’, for example, is one way, with such nuances creating confusion and unnecessary waste.

 Rescuing food can be exciting. This is just another way you can make a difference.

Too Good To Go is currently active in Europe and parts of North America.


  • Founded in 2016

  • Over 25,500 UK stores taking part

  • 19 million + magic bags saved

  • 148 million + meals saved, aiming to save 1 billion by 2025

  • 11.3 million + users

See a youtuber use their app to eat for an entire week!

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148 million meals saved

11.3 million users


Project Gallery


Copenhagen, Denmark, UK, international


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