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About Us

Meet the Team




GreenGradsConnect aims to be as transparent as possible. The last thing we want is to spread misinformation and move further away from real tangible solutions. We want our users to feel that they can Trust us not to provide them with ‘fake solutions’ or greenwashing. 


Our motivation for creating the site stems from a deep-felt, strong desire, to do our part in creating a society that impacts the environment in meaningful, healing ways. We want to set students on pathways that will help our planet and will remain authentic in our cause.


Climate change affects us all. Everyone has the ability to act against this issue. Diversity in users' demographics, beliefs, and experiences = more creative solutions catered to different aspects of the issue. 

Mission statement

Our mission is to combat feelings of helplessness that block pro-environmental action while cultivating individual empowerment and motivation to enact change and follow a green career.

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