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Engage with Companies

This page includes a series of templates, ready to customise and use to engage with companies that inspire you. 

Build a valuable network

Find hidden opportunity

Reach out 

Surprise people with your initiative and passion for their project.

Virtual coffee

Ask them for a zoom call to learn more about what they do and demonstrate interest.

Get involved

Ask your connection how you can get involved, and if they may be able to help you.




This is your chance to meet inspiring people, and get excited for your career!

Connections help you to...

  • Learn about what u may or may not like working in & and how to get there.

  • Receive referrals & and access unadvertised roles

  • Gain work shadow experience

  • Land internships, placements, or jobs

How to build a newtork

1 on 1 Workshops; Action plan, Accountability, Follow up.  Prep for calls. 

If you don't receive an email, check spam or email directly

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 11.48.25 am.png

LinkedIn is all about creating personal connections and building relationships. 
Essentially, just show genuine interest in people, and make friends in the company of your choice.

Expect a reply rate of ~10%. This is a side project, not a 5-minute task. Remember: you only need one Yes to gain some game-changing experience.

LINKEDIN Resources. 

"Hi {name}, I am inspired by your work with {company name}. I have always been facinated by {your career interest} and would love to hear about your career journey! Do you feel you have managed to have an impact with {company name}? Ps. *Personal insight* eg, loved your post on x " Best, {name}" "Hi {name}, I am inspired by how {company name} does {insight into unique thing they do}, what is your favorite part about working there? Ps. *Personal insight* " Best, {name} Hi {name}, Great to meet another person interested in {shared interest}, I would love to connect and hear about your experience at {company name}. What inspired you to work there? Best, {name}

Average reply rate ~ 10% (send 10+)

Depends on quality of your profile & request message.

Email Outreach 

Before using a company's generic contact email address, see if you can find the personal email of someone in the company. The company's website, Linkedin,, and google search are all places that may help you find this. 

Hi {inset name}, My name is _ , I {5 words on who you are, what you do}, and am passionate about climate solutions. I read about [company name] on, and it really inspired me to take action. I think your approach to {issue they solve} is going to be revolutionary. I am particularly inspired by {one sentence referencing a **specific insight** into their opperations, that is **unique**} (eg. “inspired by your focus on community building, and how you use this to generate a greater environmental impact”). **For executives (CEO, Founder, CFO etc), or emails to generic user (eg** I would love to learn more about the story behind {company name}, and their vision for the future. I imagine you must be very busy, but a 10 minute virtual coffee would be a brilliant learning experience. **For specific people (eg** I would love to learn about your career journey, and what you hope to acheive in working with {company name}. I imagine you must be very busy, but a 10 minute virtual coffee would be a brilliant learning experience. Let me know if this might be possible. Wishing you all the best for your future endevours. Thanks, {Name}, {year of study / institute (if applicable)}

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