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Internships & Placements

Finding internships is about networking and connections. Internships / Job postings have thousands of applicants. Creating your own options is often the way to go...

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* In the future, we will have a formal page outlining advertised internships.  Keep an eye out!

Work with us

Our Internships & Placement program

- Flexible hours 😌

- Featured on the website 🙋🏾‍♂️

- Experience in a startup 👨‍💻

- Networking Opportunity 🤝

- Learn new skills 👩‍💻


Intern reviews

"I have really enjoyed interning with BiodGRADable. I’m able to pursue my research interests, encountering innovative solutions and a sense of optimism that has truly inspired me."

- Heidi Surfleet, Content Creation 

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