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Abstract Gradient


Greenwashing, often achieved through marketing or branding, refers to when a company invests in a sustainable appearance despite operating harmful activities to the environment.  

At BiodGRADable we not only ensure a space away from this harmful tokenism, we promote projects which have significant positive impacts on the environment

Our Policy

All featured projects contribute to a more sustainable future. 


Our selection process asks: “Does this really have a significant positive impact on my planet?”  If the answer is no, we get rid of it.


We promote projects that: 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from an existing process

  • Remove greenhouse gasses from the environment

  • Provide clean energy without the release of polluting gasses

  • Restore & protect nature 

  • Store clean energy or harmful pollutants

  • Reduce the need for polluting activities 

  • Promote a circular economy (waste reduction)

If something on our website seems out of alignment with our policy please email: and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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