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Climate Optimism

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Despite a severe crisis, we have the  power to mitigate harm and save lives through action 


Climate change isn't political, its existential.

Radical hope built on our ability to take action enables us to fight climate change. We hope this page ignites a flame within you…

The case for stubborn optimism

Christiana speaks of a sensible optimism that considers the harsh reality of the world around us but focuses on the neccecary input needed to meet such a challenge head on. “This is the decisive decade in the history of humankind”, on our current path we condemn our children to a world that is increasingly uninhabitable, conversely, if we cut our GHG emissions in half, we open the door to an exciting world where cities are green and forests, soils and waters are regenerated. What is the future you want? And what are you doing to make that future a reality?

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decisive decade

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*Featuring lead author of IPCC

Are climate doomers right?



“This is the most profound moment in human history”, we need to take a stand! This mini doccumentary includes an interview with the lead author of the latest IPCC report, who highlights the danger of climate doomism and it’s illogical argument. The key message: it is not too late to take action.

Be excited for opportunity!

Act from a place of curiosity and excitement, where creativity grows and you get to take empowered action towards the world that you want to beleive in. Optimism will provide the courage to think BIG, and boost our chances of beating climate change. You may not be a climate scientist or politician, but you are alive today, you have an important part to play. Anne ends with this: “Since the future is truly up to us, we have nothing to loose than give it all we have got”.



*Anne Therese Gennari - 'the climate optimist'

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Facts, arguments and rationale

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*We have all the tools we need 

Doom vs radical hope: implications

If we admit defeat before we even begin, we have already lost. The only way out is to imagine something different. The climate movement desperately needs revolutionary optimism, it needs radical hope. Why? To shape a better world you have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. The best part: we already have the tools we need to create this new world.

Optimism case studies

This video highlights some incredible restoration projects that are shaping landscapes and reversing the damages we can do to natural environments. Get ready to be blown away...

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*We have come so far already

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*Realistic statistics that show hope

Our current state, and future.

Using statistics from IPCC reports and other credible scientific bodies, this inforgraphic style video demontrates the reality of our situation from an unbiased perspective.

A film that instills real hope

Kiss the ground is a doccumentary about carbon sequestration through soil. It explores how a simple solution could heal our planet.. and its right under our feet.


*this film changed my life...

Ecovoices Podcast

Stories of people just like you fighting climate change in their own way 🌎 

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Disclaimer, denial is not an option

This page serves to reverse helplessness in relation to climate change, a serious threat to the lives of billions and societies around the globe. The optimistic rhetoric above is meant to inspire hope, and willingness to act. We wish not to negate the severity of this global crisis. Some impacts of our emissions to date are largely irreversible and will cause the destruction of ecosystems & extensive human suffering. Urgent action can save lives. If you are not deeply concerned by climate change, read the latest IPCC report. 

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